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ABOUT abigail


I became a designer because I wanted to mix my love for art with my passion for problem solving. To marry beauty and logic together seemed like the perfect collision and harmony between worlds. I am interested in the stories of the past and present that then make up the future.


One of the biggest things I believe in design is that the tools do not create the solution, the designer does. I believe in looking to our roots to better understand our evolution as storytellers and humans, and opening ourselves to those around us to better the world and the world of design.


I am heavily influenced by colors and designs from the 80’s, with psych and tone from the constructivists. I love to learn and explore new knowledge, and to understand context. My goals for my career are to work in an environment where I can create, excite, and think critically.


Coming from almost no educational background in any design aspect, I’ve adapted quickly and pushed through many barriers to learn more and more, and I look forward to what else I can learn and adapt to.

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