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Cretin Townsend Homes is a custom home builder in Louisiana. They specialize in building custom homes on a customer’s own lot. The customer buys the land, CT Homes builds the house. Most of their homes are premium and luxury offerings, but every home is customized for the customer so it’s truly unique and not some cooky cutter “another house on the block”. 

The Primary Objective 

Find a layout system to use across single sheet collateral pieces. 


Two targets. One is the new home buyer, younger, typically age 30-35. They’re preparing to start and/or grow their family and need a new home that fits their new lifestyle. 

Second target is empty nesters, older couples ages 50-60, all their kids have moved out of their house and they want a new start, and a homes that’s nice enough that their kids will want to come visit. 

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